When you have your health, you have everything!

About When Health Matters

Bob was the author of many articles and books on Diabetes, weight loss, weight control, health and nutrition. He used the hCG protocol to go from 320 pounds to 200 pounds, a 120 pound weight loss. That is over 1/3 of his body weight! See before and after pictures by clicking the Gallery button above. Not only was he able to control his diabetes and lose weight, but he was able to help many people change their lives with the same success. Everyone told him that he had to get this information out to everybody, hence the website whenhealthmatters.com.  Bob passed away on July 4, 2014 from a stroke, which was hereditary, at the age of 62.

I am going to carry on with the business and hope to help many more people transform their lives and have the quality of life deserved.  When we started our first protocol in the spring of 2006, it cost us $1200.00 each for a 43 day protocol.  It was very successful and changed our lives.  Bob lost at least a pound a day, but I was closer to ½ - ¾ pound a day.  We had a lot more weight to lose, but didn’t want to pay that for it, so Bob did the research and got the prescriptions and suppliers needed.  We did another round and when people saw what it did for us they wanted to do it to.  I went from 230 to 163 and totally changed my life.  From there it spread be word of mouth and people from all over U.S. wanted some.  We have always made it affordable and at one point even had a scholarship program for people that could not afford it. 

If you need to make changes in your life please feel free to contact me at any time.  I will be glad to help 360-606-8172